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The Perfect Place For Your Child

when they can't be with you

Taking care of the body

Stimulating the mind

Nurturing the soul

The Kiddie Kollege Difference

Built On A Solid Foundation

Our purpose is to honor God by teaching  that God is our Creator and His work is the truth. We teach about God’s love for them through Bible stories, praise songs, Bible verse memorization, and meaningful prayer time.

“I have no greater joy than to hear my children walk in truth.” 3 John 1:4

Food That Is Good For Them

We focus on whole food eating with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Foods are free of high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, and food coloring. Organic is our first choice and our menus to provide a healthy breakfast, lunch, and snack that is prepared on site

Healthy Environment

Green cleaning keeps them healthier today and tomorrow. We use essential oil based cleaners so there are no toxic fumes to cause runny noses or induce allergies.


Registration fee – $75 per child

Registration due at enrollment and annually each September.

Newborn to 2 1/2 years-  $165 per week

2 1/2 years (potty trained) to 5 years- $150 per week

CMA accepted.



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Happy Parents
“My son started when he was only 6 weeks and graduated Pre K last year..he now attends during summer. I completely trust all the teachers & Miss Carol is like family to us. My son has asthma & food allergies so I’m a bit over protective but he has always been well taken care of. The kids are treated with so much love. The education he received in Pre K had him at an advantage when he did start Kindergarten. And the teachings of the Word of God instilled morals at an early age. ”
July 31, 2017
“I don’t go through many Daycares on a regular basis, but, I do go through ONE Daycare regularly because I organize the music ministry at the church attached to Kiddie Kollege Daycare and Pre-School. Here’s what I can say…the children look happy. They seem safe. I know the cook and I know the person buying the food. I know they are fed a nutritious, carefully selected lunch and snacks. I know the place is clean as can be. I see the teachers love the children as they take them to or from fun activities. I see them sleeping for nap-time with sweet music in the background. I see a healthy atmosphere for any child.

My own children are almost out of college, so, I don’t have a child in Daycare right now and I can’t really compare this one against others, but, I can tell you what I see and it all seems GREAT! If you’re looking for a place to leave your children during the day I believe you should definitely look into Kiddie Kollege Daycare and Pre-School.”

July 28, 2017
“I have my granddaughters at kiddie Kollege and have been going there for over a year and one just graduated , I love how the director and teachers are so caring and loving towards the children, I love there structure and curriculum they have for the children, thank you kiddie Kollege for assuring me that my granddaughters are getting a wonderful learning experience and I know they are cared for. ”
August 2, 2017
“Kiddie Kollege is a great daycare. My daughter has gone to Kiddie Kollege since she was 18 months old and she just graduated from their Pre-K program. The teachers really care about the children. My daughter had a great experience at Kiddie Kollege. I highly recommend Kiddie Kollege to anyone looking a great daycare.”
July 28, 2017
“Kiddie Kollege is a great Christian daycare. The teachers really care about the children, and treat them all like their own. I highly recommend this daycare.”
August 2, 2017
“This is a great school and daycare. The teachers are loving. The center is warm and clean. Your child will receive an excellent start for their academic careers.”
July 28, 2017

Come Visit Us!

We invite you to come and tour our school and meet our teachers, visit our classrooms, and see how  your child can grow with us.